Face Depot 8AL [T1]
Face Depot 8AL [T1]

Face Depot 8AL [T1]

FaceDepot 8AL [TI] is the latest Time Attendance and Access Control Terminal with advanced Thermal Imaging Temperature Detection. The device comes with Smart Facial and Palm Recognition Algorithms as well as the latest Computer Vision Technology. The device offers safe and hygienic user-verification as well as reduces the risk of acquiring infectious germs in the workplace environment with its Masked-Facial Identification and Body Temperature Measurement functions. In addition, the device is powered by ZKTeco-customized CPU for high-end performance and for a massive template capacity with rapid user-identification in less than 0.3 sec.


• Massive Storage Capacity
• Complete Touchless Technology
• Masked-Facial Recognition
• Promotes Safety and Hygiene
• Long-Distance Measurement up to 2.5 m
• Wide-Range of Working Temperature
• Body Temperature Detection in less than 0.1 sec
• Wide-Pose Angle Tolerance

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