How to Choose a Smart Door Lock Effectively ?

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When looking for a smart door lock, you should first think about the kind of technology you are comfortable with or you would like to use. Bluetooth devices are great for this, but make sure to find one that supports your smartphone's Bluetooth range. Bluetooth-enabled smart locks can be controlled from anywhere with Bluetooth gateway, so you can use your phone to unlock or lock the door. You should also check if your lock has activity logs, as some of these can be useful for tracking who is using it and when.

A smart door lock can also be integrated with other smart home devices and services, making them more convenient than ever. For instance, voice assisted devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. It will also send notifications when someone comes to your home by text message or email. Certain smart door locks can also be controlled via smartphone app. Some of ZKTeco’s Smart Locks are good example for this. They have various functions such as touchscreen keypad and they are also easy to install. If you need to replace the deadbolt lock, these devices are an ideal choice.

Before purchasing a smart lock, make sure you check the hardware. Most smart locks use the same hardware construction as the ones on your front door, so you don't have to drill new holes. You can also find smart locks that attach to the inside of the door, which means you don't have to remove any hardware. Installation should only take a few minutes, and the entire process will depend on the type of smart lock you choose. But keep in mind that you should always check the compatibility of your smart lock with your other home devices. ZKTeco’s Smart Locks are compatible with most of the commonly used systems in homes or hotels offering convenience at all levels. A more specific example of such a system would be ML300 Smart Lock.  

Another great flexibility that comes from Smart Locks is eliminating the time needed for searching the right key, in other words getting access in a matter of seconds. This type of lock also keeps track of how many times a door has been opened and closed. And as a bonus, if you have been away from home, it will be easier to unlock the door through mobile app in case of visitors without any hassle.


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