3-in-1 Contactless Palm Verification Technology All You Need to Know

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Palm Vein Scanning is one of the most reliable and secure methods of authentication in Biometric System owing to the fact that palm veins are extremely unique for each individual even among identical twins and never change throughout the life. Palm veins are not affected by environmental factors as well as other factors including external injuries, burns, or skin problems due to the fact that palm vein verification is subcutaneous in nature offering consistency and accuracy.

Palm verification technology is widely adopted in many sectors, especially in healthcare sector including Hospitals, Healthcare Centers, Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Industries, etc because of the conveniency it offers to patients and healthcare works to use and accept.  

How Does Palm Vein Scanning Work?

To understand how palm vein scanning works, first we need to understand little bit of Biology, let’s get straight into it, we all know that haemoglobin in our blood transports oxygen from lungs and distributes to the tissues in our body via arteries, which then becomes deoxidized haemoglobin after the release of oxygen.

Vein pattern scanning fundamentally utilizes this phenomenon by recognizing the difference between deoxidized and oxygenated haemoglobin. Deoxidised haemoglobin absorbs infrared light making the vein pattern visible when illuminated with infrared light by palm vein scanner.

ZK Advanced Palm Recognition Algorithm 

There are essentially three forms of Palm Recognition: Palm Vein, Palm Print and Palm Shape Recognition. ZK Advanced Palm Recognition Algorithm combines all these forms of recognition in a single platform (3-in-1) greatly enhancing accuracy, safety and speed. The algorithm incorporates latest Computer Vision Technology for simultaneous scanning of palm print, palm vein and palm shape for unparalleled user identification from a safer distance. The computer vision-based sensor captures the palm image which is then converted into encrypted biometric template and compared with the existing data. Since the palm recognition uses all forms of palm verification, it is virtually impossible to fake the system with spoofing attacks.


Safe & Hygiene

The ZK Contactless 3-in-1 Palm Recognition Technology allows automatic tracking of hands offering touch-free palm recognition eliminating hygiene concerns as well as the need for displaying palm at a particular angle and position for a rapid user identification. The palm recognition distance has been greatly extended to 60 cm, thus significantly reducing spread of germs through touchless user-authentication

ZKTeco’s G3 Series offers 3-in-1 Contactless Palm Recognition for a safe and hygienic user verification with powerful anti-spoofing algorithm and stunning features. If you would like to know more about our touchless product series, feel-free to contact sales@zkteco.in

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