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Deploy ZK Video Surveillance System in India’s Koneru Lakshmaiah University


Koneru Lakshmaiah University (KLU) is a renowned university with a strong emphasis on scientific and technological research located in the Andhra Pradesh, India. In order to monitor students’ activities and record lectures for future use, KLU has requested a video surveillance system. KLU owns an approximately 1,000,000 sq. ft. campus. It certainly is a big challenge to deploy a complete surveillance system to manage and monitor the whole indoor section for such a board area. It is also required that the record of video footage can be seen clearly. With the reputation of proven technology, ZKTeco has been chosen to come up with an integrated solution for KLU.

Implementation Solution

Products used: ZKMD532, ZK-DV1602, ZKiVision Pro V.3.0 software

ZKTeco has recommended and deployed 100 units of ZKMD352 IP Camera as the video surveillance solution. With 1/4” CMOS Camera, ZKMD532 features high-resolution video quality of 1,000,000 pixels with 720p that is able to deliver high-definition video monitoring and recording. Array IR light enables it to perform day & night monitoring and recording. In order to manage 100 recordings, we deployed ZK-DV1602 Digital Video Recorders with extra-large 16-channel video input that enables 16-channel recordings at one time. ZK-DV1602 is also equipped with ultra-large record storage capacity (max. 4TB).

Moreover, it requires an efficient software in order to well manage the devices. ZKTeco has offered ZKiVision Pro V.3.0 to client as the solution, a network video management software which is used to realize centralized monitoring, storage management and control for video surveillance equipment. The program makes it easy to operate the device with powerful functions, friendly interfaces and 25 real-time channels of video monitoring concurrently.

KLU has been satisfied with the video surveillance solution, and the result carried out has impressed various institutions and other beneficiaries of our products and solutions including St. Peter’s College in Lolenchery, Rajagiri College in Kochi and Vidyaclkashimi matriculation school. If your organization is searching for an optimal video surveillance solution as well, do not hesitate to contact ZKTeco.