ZKTeco Security Seminar at Hyderabad, 2017

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Technical seminars and commercial meetings can be instrumental to get in touch with the clients and strengthen the partnership. ZKTeco recognizes the significance of communication in business and thus keeps hosting the events.

Dated 16th September 2017, staff in India and approximately 40 clients were presented in the city of Hyderabad India to attend ZK’s seminar. Mr. Abdur Rahman and Mr. Sankar Sanan, Regional Sales Manager and Marketing Manager of ZKTeco India, were the speakers releasing the company news and explaining the implementation of ZK’s Entrance Management Control devices. The topics covered from Entrance Control which included Flap Barrier, Boom Barrier, Metal Detectors, UHF Readers and Turnstiles along with Smart Locks & CCTV. By introducing the background of ZK, ZK’s business opportunity and some of the popular products. Audience was enabled to gather information about security solutions, effective entrance control management and future trend of biometric authentication.

From the feedback of the attendees, ZK was labeled as a preferable company delivering good quality at a reasonable price. Without this seminar, the communication of the buyer and the seller would never be exchanged and understood better. ZK has confidence in the growth of the local market and is expecting it to be booming shortly.