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2019 GBITA (Global Biometric and IoT Alliance) Conference on “Biometrics and IoT”

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About : The GBITA, 2019 Conference on Biometrics and IoT  with more than 400 biometric organizations representatives, government representatives, biometric technology experts and industrial leaders from India, China, America, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and specialists and experts from various countries. The Conference aims to build up a globally top-notch biometric verification technical cooperation and exchange platform, and promote the innovative development of biometric verification techniques into industries. The “Biometric and IoT Conference” which is hosted by Global Biometric and IoT Alliance, Bangalore City Council and Asian Biometric Industry Alliance, organized by ZKTeco and eSSL 
Location: Bangalore, India 

Date         :  September 21st, 2019.
Website   : http://www.gbita.net/  

Sign In and Experience Product and Application

The Conference singed-in with an experience of product and application which showcase the future technology of Biometrics & IoT Solutions. Also, given the live demo to all attendees on Software’s like BIOSECURITY3.1, Canteen Management and School Management Solution with Mobile APP.   Along with products like Time Attendance; Access & Entrance control products, Turnstiles etc which is a leading technology for an Indian Market. 


The Glimpes of Biometrics & IoT Conference with Opening Ceremony and Guest Speakers

The Conference began with an introduction of important guests and leader of the Biometrics and IoT conference; Whereas 450+ Attendees attended the conference as well as other officials and business communities, and valuable clients & customers and major media organizations were the part of it.

The keynote speaker of the Conference:

Mr John Che (Chairman of Global Biometrics Industry Alliance, Chairman of ZKTeco), delivered a speech at the conference, expressing his eager vision for the research and application of biometric technology.

India Foreign academician, biometrics expert, National Academy of Engineering: Professor Anil K. Jain made a speech for “India's special contribution to the development and application of biometrics”. India Hyderabad University of Technology: Professor Anoop Namboodiri made a speech for “The challenges of biometrics development in security and privacy”. Neeta Nain, Professor of India National Technical University of Malawi, Jaipur, made a speech for the “Development and application of foot palmprint in security”. Karthik Nandakumar, member of the IBM Research Lab in Singapore, made a speech for “Blockchain and biometrics”. Kumar, the Chairman of Smart City Group, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Information Technology of India, made a speech for “Biometrics and smart city”. Ken Brownlee, the CEO of SilkID Corporation, USA, made a speech for “Biometrics - 2020 Development”.

In the conference, ZKTeco signed the "Joint Laboratory Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with the Hyderabad University of Technology and the National Technical University of Jaipur, and announced the "Global R&D Center in Bangalore, India" official establishment.

At present, the development of Biometric features including face, iris, fi­ngerprint, finger vein, voiceprint and gait, in the era of Intellectualized Engineering have been easier to collect, more precise to verify, safer to anti-spoof, and wider to apply, and have been identical to efficiency of daily activities including security inspection, clearance, entrance, money withdrawal, payment, social insurance, examination, medicine and attendance management and the smoothness of peoples’ life in both reality and digital world, and the new technologies, applications and industries of biometric recognition have been the new dynamo driving forward the social development and the entire civilization.