Will the Global Economy Recover Completely in 2022?

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The past two years have been difficult and challenging in many ways. Several countries faced a major economic set-back, as every industry was going through a hard time with global-level suspension of various commercial activities, obstruction of logistics and public transportation, reduction in people’s buying power and so on. While everyone was hoping for this calamity to end, the year 2022 is already around the corner.  


Considering that the world is slowly healing from the catastrophic events, the socio-economic activities seem to start over again given that no adverse resurgence of the pandemic occurs. As we enter into the year 2022, the global economy is recovering faster than anticipated. Despite the negative impacts of the pandemic, most of the sectors show some promising outcomes in terms of investments and growth given the fact that there has been an accumulation of unused capital during the past two years.


With extraordinary efforts taken by both governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as continuous roll-out of vaccination drives,  the impacts of  pandemic has been reduced considerably. Nonetheless, the past two years had been a turning point for a rapid technological transformation, notably in the Biometric and Security Industries entirely changing the way User Identifications and Security Authentications being performed impacting the industries towards new solutions and applications including Touchless Access Control Methods, Mask Detection Technology, Temperature Screening, Digital Boarding Procedures, etc.  In addition, the world has witnessed a shift towards remote working leading to extensive usage of Cloud-based platforms to access data remotely. Apart from these, banking sector has seen a massive growth in Digital Payment Transactions.


Given the current situation, people are still advised to follow the preventive measures in public areas as well as in working eco-system. We can only hope that the upcoming year will be a year of recovery, growth and sustainability.