Best Biometric Attendance System Provider in India

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ZKTeco is well known for its industry leading Biometric Products and Electronic Security Solutions. It develops innovative technologies and manufactures a wide variety of high-quality devices as well as software platforms that are cost effective and applicable to a range of industries including manufacturing, transportation, retail, hospitality, education, finance, and more.

The enterprise and its products are recognised by national and international bodies for instance by a&s Magazine as one of the “Top 50 Global Security Brands 2021” and “Top 6 in Multiple Product Group” at offering top-notch security products and solutions. It has also been selected as the “Top 10 HRMS Solution Providers 2019” by HR Tech Outlook and in 2015, ZKTeco was presented with “ESX Innovation Awards” in the Electronic Security Expo 2015.  

Its Biometric Attendance System uses advanced technology and fool proof mechanism to keep track of employees' work duration and identify employees through various unique physical attributes such as facial characteristics, palm traits, fingerprint patterns, etc. The system will then analyse signature characteristics of the employee and compare with the matching patterns from the database. Ultimately, biometric attendance systems are effective way to monitor employees’ authentic working hours while eliminating attendance forging.

Fingerprint biometric systems are highly reliable and cost-effective. They require no training and can be used immediately. These systems also reduce the chance of long lines at the time clock. Biometric attendance systems such as ZKTeco fingerprint biometric system are among the most effective workforce management systems. They manage labour costs and virtually eliminate the risks of security breaches. If you are looking for a biometric attendance system, ZKTeco is one of the leading names in the industry.

Whereas, Facial or Palm Recognition Terminals offer great convenience with contactless user verification while maintaining safety and hygiene. ZKTeco’s Visible Light Facial and Palm Recognition Terminals are built with advanced algorithms capable of even detecting masked faces. Also, the integrated IR and Thermal Imaging Sensors help to determine the body temperature of users.

Biometric attendance management systems will also help you avoid the problem of time fraud and proxy punching while reducing conflicts among employees due to wrong inputs. It is also easy to transfer bulk data to cloud storage. And you can even automate employee time-tracking with biometrics. That means no more manual work for your business! Just think of how much time you can save by automating your employees’ attendance!

This makes it easier to track time when companies pay by the minute or the day. And with biometric systems, you can even integrate other forms of attendance monitoring with the system. They will help you track employee time more accurately thereby saving overhead costs to a considerable degree. So, go ahead and choose the best biometric attendance system for your company!