A Global Pandemic in the Modern Era

A Global Pandemic in the Modern Era

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Coronavirus has taken a toll on humanity. Many have lost their loved ones to the virus. Now, coronavirus has become a global pandemic. This is not the time to lose our hopes. We must prevail and we will get through this global crisis soon like we always did. All we need to do is follow safety precautions, thereby defending against the virus.  

Every country is doing its best to control coronavirus spread. Compared to other countries, India is maintaining minimal number of coronavirus cases due to the prompt measures taken up by the Government of India to minimize the spread of COVID19. As responsible citizens of India, it’s our duty to execute the measures and support the mission of eradicating the virus from the world.With self-quarantine being an effective method against the virus, the government of India imposed certain drastic measures such as lock down of states, shutdown of commercial shops, educational institutes as well as various business sectors and so on. In this crisis, we must not lose hope. We have to follow the rules and regulations for the betterment of the society.

As a responsible organization of the nation, ZKTeco India is committed to exterminate this global threat by providing its support to the society by any means necessary. ZKTeco has been creating social awareness about the virus as well as the means to safeguard us from the infections in its social media platforms. With work from home being a prominent strategy of the government of India to fight against the virus, ZKTeco promotes the concept with its revolutionary online based time attendance platform, easy TimePro APP. The app helps employees to provide their attendance even from distant locations. The app comes with innovative features such as real-time location tracking, live image capturing and so on. Business organizations can adopt to easy TimePro system and can still have maximum employee productivity at this global crisis.

Kind Advice from ZKTeco India:

Wash your hands frequently with hand sanitizer or soap.

Use face mask when you go outside 

Maintain a social distance 

Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands 

Contact healthcare officials if you have coronavirus symptoms