Biometric Trends & Innovations in 2020

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Biometric Technology is the most reliable, accurate and fastest way of authentication available today using unique biological traits and characteristics ranging from fingerprints, facial attributes, palm print, palm vein, eyes, and even extended to DNA and electrocardiogram (ECG). Each with unique features and applications in almost every vertical.

The emergence of numerous technological advancements in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things(IoT), Cloud Technology, Data Science, etc as well as continuous adoption of digital systems in various platforms transformed the biometric technology to the next level. Nowadays numerous innovative entities are budding up from Biometric Industry.

Biometric Trends in 2020:

Focus on Multimodal Biometrics

Systems based on multi-biometric technology not only enhances security but also convenience of user verification offering versatile functions and features. Today, there are more and more solutions have been released with multi-biometric technology especially combinations of fingerprint, face and palm recognition offering an additional layer of security and accuracy.

Higher Adoption of Hygienic User Verification

The recent ongoing public health issue has created safety and hygiene concerns associated with conventional biometric systems. Therefore, business organizations and public sectors will witness a wide spread adopt of touchless biometric systems especially facial recognition biometric systems owing to the fact that facial recognition systems offer high-end performance in terms of both speed and accuracy without any direct physical contact. Facial recognition also plays a huge part in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based video surveillance and analytics.


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Cloud-Based Biometrics

Cloud Technology has also stepped its footprints in Biometrics. Cloud based biometric platforms offers the most convenient, secure and cost-effective way of data management without the need for space occupying and tedious physical servers. Cloud biometric systems allow data to be transferred and processed among multiple locations without any complexity.


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Biometric-Based Transactions

Biometric systems are being integrated into devices such as personnel computers or mobile phones for user-authentication for making transactions. Biometric payment cards incorporate fingerprint scanning system into payment cards offering hassle free money transactions without the need for PINs or cardholder verification. Furthermore, biometric based platforms replace the need for PIN code, token or password allowing instant access to users.

Integrated Security Solutions

The concept of Biometric Intergradation with cybersecurity platforms as well as in other security solutions is being implemented to enforce security. Given the scale of threat protection that need to be employed, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions along with biometric technology will drive the future of cybersecurity. Biometric technology in security solutions implement individuals’ unique biological attributes in security system, thereby providing user-authentibility to security platforms. 


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