ZKTeco Initiates New Product Segment for Safe & Hygienic User-Verification
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ZKTeco Initiates New Product Segment for Safe & Hygienic User-Verification

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The recent ongoing public health issue has raised many hygienic concerns as well as the necessity of safety precautions and preventive measures. ZKTeco has been closely monitoring the health crisis over the past several weeks.  The health and well-being of customers, employees and communities is our top priority. At ZKTeco we are immersed in a technological transformation, to generate innovation and sustainability betting on agile working, focused on performance and outcomes. This approach allows us to react effectively given the current situation, placing special emphasis on products that would help abate the spread of infectious germs.

With respect to this, ZKTeco has initiated a new product line to tackle the ongoing health crisis with Touchless Biometric and Security Solutions by promoting public safety and hygiene through contactless user-identification coupled with body temperature detection and masked-facial recognition, thereby reducing the possibilities of acquiring germs in workplaces as well as in public areas.  :

Touchless Access Control

SpeedFace-V5L Series consists of highly advanced facial recognition terminals incorporated with smart facial recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology. The device is enforced with Masked Facial Recognition and Body Temperature Detection functions. The device automatically restricts access upon abnormal temperature detection and denies access in the absence of a protective mask. 

FaceDepot 8AL [TD] is a Face & Palm Verification Terminal with ultra-large template capacity. The devices come with masked facial recognition as well as temperature detection functions. The device indicates and restricts access to maskless individuals as well as denies access upon abnormal temperature recognition.

Contactless Time Attendance

G3 Pro is a newly introduced time attendance & access control terminal driven by Computer Vision technology for 3-in-1 contactless palm recognition which offers simultaneous scanning of palm print, palm vein and palm shape for unparalleled user identification.

Access points and door handles are some of the most vulnerable areas in medical facilities for spread of infection, and palm recognition is a key shield in the fight against cross infection. The palm recognition distance has been greatly extended to 60cm, thus signi­ficantly reducing spread of germs through touchless door activation.

Contactless Entrance Control

SBTL8033 is a Touchless Indoor Speed Gate-based entrance control solution integrated with advanced ZK facial recognition terminals featuring computer vision technology and smart facial recognition algorithms for masked-facial recognition. In addition, the device combines visible light facial recognition technology with infrared temperature detection for accurate and fast body temperature measurements during user-verification. The entrance control system automatically denies access to mask less faces and restricts access to individuals upon abnormal body temperature detection.

Metal & Temperature Detection

ZK-D3180S is the latest walk-through metal detector with body temperature detection functions. The device consists of robust security features such as 18 detection zones, 256 adjustable sensitivity levels, 5.7" wide LCD display, Synchronous sound with LED alarm as well as an Alarm strength indicator.

The system comes with an inbuilt high-performance Infrared temperature sensor for accurate body temperature measurement of users. If the temperature measurement is over 37.3°C, the alarm will get triggered immediately to notify the security guards.

WFH Attendance Software 

easy TimePro is a revolutionary online-based time attendance management system that makes handling employee data convenient and user-friendly. easy TimePro Mobile App allows employees to provide attendance from distant locations. Therefore, highly suitable for employees to give attendance form home itself. Business organizations can adopt to easy TImePro system and can still have maximum employee productivity without compromising their safety.


The ZK Touchless Biometric and Security Solutions are highly suitable for facilitating workforce as well as minimizing germs spread in heavily crowded places and can be adopted in various workplaces and public facilities including Hospitals, Medical Centers, Research and Development Centers, Factories, Industrial Areas, Educational Institutes, Banks, Business Organizations, Commercial Buildings, Public Transport Facilities, Stadiums, Small Enterprises, Defense Facilities, etc.

For more details about our Touchless Products and Solutions, please feel free to contact sales@zkteco.in