The New Normal - Envisioning of Post Crisis

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The effects of the ongoing public health issue shook the global economy to its core. The current situation almost reflects what we have seen in some of the fictional movies of calamity. The word has never faced such devastating ramifications since the last century.  Nonetheless, the global nations have been witnessing significant progress in response to the outbreak. Whatsoever, it is no longer news that the health crisis has changed the world, as we knew it. Our way of life will not be the same again. Critically, our way of working has experienced a seismic shift of unimaginable proportions. The business landscape as well as governments over the world are gearing up for what is the “New Normal”.  

Insights about Post Crisis:  

Economic Suspension

The health crisis has put immense pressure on employers and workers, whether they had to implement new procedures and practices in a very short time or suspend work and business activities entirely. And while actions are being taken to control the outbreak and save lives, governments and business leaders the world over are looking for practical and sustainable ways to get economies running again without compromising the relative success of reducing the spread.

Shift in Business Operability

Organisations would be compelled to operate in a safe, hygienic and health-conscious manner to reduce exposure and transmission between people, regardless of how and to what extent work activities resume. To prevent a resurgence of the health crisis arising from workplace, health and safety protocols and guidelines for operating businesses will be re-enforced.

To that effect, it is highly recommended that organisations change their business models and protocols to adapt to the new rules of engagement at workplaces and in public spaces to save lives and protect livelihoods, and by extension, the economy. In worst case scenario, employees are expected to work from home even after the post-lockdown until the complete eradication of the causative agent.  

Increased Adoption of Occupational Safety

Government agencies will insist the implementation of adequate protective measures to safeguard employees from potential hazards including ill health symptoms in business organisations and put reasonable controls in place to protect workers as well as others from harm, while monitoring and evaluating compliance.

The way of working of employees will witness a dramatic change, workers will be expected to maintain a social distance even at workplace. Professional etiquette such as shaking hands will be completely avoided as well as other manners including sharing of food items. Employees will be strictly advised to follow personnel hygiene practises such as washing hands frequently with sanitizers, avoiding of touching facial parts and food items with unwashed hands, covering mouths while sneezing and coughing, etc.

Employers will enforce safety precautions and preventive measures at workplace. Workers will be thoroughly examined for ill symptoms with safety tools and equipment. Wearing mask will become mandatory until the complete extermination of the outbreak. Business organisations will be advised to sanitize their workplace premises with disinfectants at regular intervals.

Endorsement of Hygienic Authentication Systems

Business organisations as well as public sectors will adopt safe and hygienic methods of user-authentication in their systems such as attendance and payroll systems, access control platforms, transaction authentication, user-identification systems, etc. Furthermore, deploying appropriate preventive measures and recommended tools will help to achieve a safe and healthy work environment and contribute to further suppressing the transmission of infectious germs.

ZKTeco has been closely monitoring the health crisis over the past several weeks.  The health and well-being of customers, employees and communities is our top priority. At ZKTeco we are immersed in a technological transformation, to generate innovation and sustainability betting on agile working, focused on performance and outcomes. This approach allows us to react effectively given the current situation, placing special emphasis on products that would help abate the spread of infectious germs.

With respect to this, ZKTeco has initiated a new product line to tackle the ongoing health crisis with Touchless Biometric & Security Solutions by promoting public safety and hygiene through contactless user-identification coupled with body temperature detection and masked-facial recognition, thereby reducing the possibilities of acquiring germs in workplaces as well as in public areas contributing to the overall suppression of the health crisis.