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All About Access Control Systems

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Access Control Systems play a critical role in securing organizations from unauthorized access or external intrusions and allow only those who are granted with official authorization. The digital access control systems not only facilitate the entry or exit of users but also monitor and record respective individuals in real-time, which makes track recording a lot easier.

Access Control Systems can be used to restrict access to critical workplaces, server rooms, sensitive data rooms, laboratories containing high-end equipment as well as entry doors. Without access control systems, these places will be extremely difficult to monitor at all times leaving the organization vulnerable to leakage of sensitive data or documents, intrusion, etc.

Before opting for any access control system, it is important that you fully understand how access control works and different types of access control systems available in the market. This blog will help you to choose an access control system that best suits your organization.

Is Access Control Indispensable?

Certain regulations mandate the implementation of access control systems to maintain integrity and business standards. HIPAA health data regulations enforce the use of access control system in hospitals and healthcare related companies. The PCI credit card data regulations enforce compliance in banks and insurance companies to secure sensitive entities such as credit/debit cards, etc. Similarly, various regulations insist the use of access control systems to secure sensitive components and intellectual properties.

Types of Access Control Systems:

Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control system uses unique biological attributes of individuals such as fingerprint, face or palm recognition to grant access to the respective users. Most of the modern biometric devises are able to work in standalone mode without any technical backup making it easier to install and maintain. Biometric systems offer the most convenient way of access control management and keep track record of users via system software. Biometric access control systems can also be used as attendance terminals offering cost-effective multipurpose integration. In addition, touchless biometric access control devices using facial or palm recognition offer safe and hygienic user-authentication.


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Access Control Readers

Access Control Readers act based on Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, in which digital data encoded in RFID cards are captured by the reader via radio waves. RFID readers provides instant access to users upon displaying appropriate Smart Card or Mifare Card. Most of the card readers interact with access control systems via Wiegand or OSDP communication protocol. In addition, there are Biometric readers which identifies specific fingerprint templates and provide access upon successful authentication as well as PIN code or password-based devices widely being used with access control systems.


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Access Control Panels

Access controllers can be used to manage multiple doors via RFID card or Biometric authentication. Control panels integrates card readers or biometric readers into door access system. In which, each access point can be managed individually as per your requirements. These systems are widely being used in offices, server rooms, data centers, smart homes, public transport facilities, etc. Furthermore, control panels can also be used to control various other accessories such as lights, alarms, annunciators, intrusion detection panels, additional locking devices, or any other external electrical devices.


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Mobile App & Software Solutions

Smart phone-based access control offers convenient way of managing your access requirements. For instance, Atlas Mobile App offers various stunning features such as remotely unlocking doors, universal lockdown & recovery, access to events & alarms, adding/modifying users, etc. Whereas, access control software integrates all the components involved in an access control system and helps to manage functions such as user enrollment, door control & monitoring, reporting, anti-passback, etc.


Things to Look for While Choosing an Access Control System:

  • Integrated Web Application
  • Compatibility with 3rd Party Devices
  • Safe & Hygienic Authentication Preferred
  • Ability to Control Multiple Accessories
  • User Capacity as well as Door Capacity
  • Advanced Access Control Functions with various Configurable Features
  • Supports Modern Communications such as Wi-Fi, PoE, Mobile access, RFID, Wiegand & OSDP
  • Compatible with Multiple Modes of Authentication Including Biometric, Card, Password, Mobile Apps, etc.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Available with Standard Technical & Customer Support