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In this new era of technology driven society, Cloud Computing has made its footprints across various disciplines including Time Management and Biometric platforms. Cloud applications offer the most convenient, secure, and cost-effective way of data management and enterprise solution without the need for space occupying and tedious physical servers. Cloud HRMS system allows data to be transferred and processed among multiple locations without any complexity. But before going any further, let us understand what Cloud is and their advantages over conventional software solutions.

What is Cloud?

Cloud platforms are designed to manage, store and transfer data or run applications over internet instead of accessing them from physical servers, computer, or external storage devices. Cloud-based software solutions are also known as SaaS or Software as a service. Since, cloud system exists on online, you can access your requirements from distant locations. Cloud Technology is being implemented into HRMS and other enterprise solution platforms to facilitate Time Attendance operations, Business Management requirements such as Intelligent Time HRMS Cloud Software.

Why do we need Intelligent Time HRMS Cloud Solution?

Cost Effective for Start-Ups

Cloud system eliminates the need for buying expensive servers that occupy space, electric facility for power and cooling as well as IT experts for managing the infrastructure. Hence affordable and can be easily implemented even by small companies or start-ups with less Capital Investment.                                   

World-Wide Accessibility:

HRMS Cloud application can be accessed from anywhere, anytime regardless of the boundaries, thereby providing world-wide accessibility, hence improves collaboration between global teams. Additionally, data storage capacity, computing power and other services of a cloud system can be improved or altered as per project requirements.

·   Reliable for Business Continuity:

With cloud technology data protection, backup and recovery is a lot easier. And allows business continuity at times of disaster and outbreaks. Imagine when you need to access office data during work from home or when you left your office for the day. Cloud makes it convenient.  

Threat Protection:

Most of the Cloud HRMS software platforms are powered by leading Cloud Technology providers. For instance, Intelligent Time cloud Solution is driven by AWS Cloud Technology, the most powerful and secure cloud service available in the world. The range of threat protection functions include encryption, continuous monitoring, data streaming analytics and much more.

New Age of Workforce Management:

Cloud based human resource management is the most effective way of handling employee attendance data and payroll processing in today’s world due to simplicity and automation of operations, which makes HR Department’s work hassle-free and improves their productivity through error-free and less time-consuming tasks. Therefore, the time saved in these activities can be put into Human Capital Acquisition.

Intelligent Time offers all HR functionalities under a single platform including employee information management, recording attendance, payroll automation, digital reimbursement, leave and shift management, etc. Furthermore, due to the flexibility of Cloud Storage System, even a great volume of employee data can be processed flawlessly. 


With minute-to-minute employee updates and error-free reports including attendance reports, leave reports, salary reports, individual employee reports, etc. along with insightful statistical figures keep you informed about important decision making. Intelligent Time HRMS software runs by pay-as-you-go basis and cannot be beaten in performance.


Innovative Enterprise Solution:

Intelligent Time is more than a HRMS Cloud software, it is embedded with wide range of functions for effective Business Management. The unique modules of Intelligent Time enable you to refresh aging infrastructure, create new business opportunities with other enterprises and vendors, helps to simplify administrative operations, expands connection with other companies for variety of collaborations, provide complete visibility of your company entities with informative statistical figures.

Advanced Cloud Structure:

Designed by prominent experts in Silicon Valley, USA, Intelligent Time gives you strategic performance including Geo Location Monitoring of companies or branch offices associated with your organization, Outdoor Management, Access Control functions, Mask & Temperature Detection Module, Attractive Time Attendance Dashboard and much more.

Intelligent Time Mobile App:

Intelligent Time Mobile App for employee self-service greatly reduces the workload of HR Department and removes paper based manual processes which are often time consuming and tedious to go through all the stages of manual approvals.

Exclusive Functionalities of Intelligent Time:

Mask & Temperature Detection (MTD):

Amid the ongoing global pandemic, maintaining business continuity is a critical factor. Lack of preventative measures might put your working environment in danger. Intelligent Time comes with Mask and Body Temperature Detection Dashboard to provide up to the minute monitoring services for identifying mask wearing patterns of employees along with their body temperature measurements to keep tack on employees’ health condition.  

MTD Dashboard provides the following insights:

* Number of Employees with High, Abnormal & Normal Body Temperature

* Overall Statistical Figure with Respect to Total Employees’ Health Condition

*   Number of Employees with or without Protective Mask

*   Employee Check-In/Out Details with Location

Comprehensive MTD Reports: Face Mask Report, Temperature Report with Photo Verification, Department-wise Reports

Vender Management:

A revolutionary attribute of Intelligent Time is Vendor Management. Unlike any other software this function allows you to acquire the Intelligent Time system to add vendors for a multi-tenant business relationship. This platform offers various statistical information such as,

* Number of Companies You are Dealing

* Companies with Valid License

* Number of Devices Belonging to Vendors/Companies

* Locations of Devices with Offline/Online Status 

* Location of Companies and so on, enhancing your business operations with your collaborative companies and vendors.

Benefits of Adopting Intelligent Time HRMS Cloud Software Solution:

* Data analytics driven and statistical approach to resolve Human Resource Operations.

* End-to-End Solution comprising of all tools for long term growth and productivity.

*  Budget friendly with pay-as-you-go basis and abundant in functions.

*  Easily customizable to meet your organization’s requirements.

*  Rich information-based reports for critical decision making.

*  Gives a new dimension and approach to your organizational tasks.

* Completely paperless approach eliminating loss or misplacement of documents as well as reduces the expenditure for space and stationery.

* Minute-to-Minute employee updates such as leave approvals, leave balance, check-in/out details, etc.   

* Intelligent Time Mobile App with Outdoor Management enables mobility at workplace environment.

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