Number Plate Recognition For Parking Management Solution For More Security

Number Plate Recognition for Efficient Parking Management

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The world has become more interconnected than ever before with opening up of economies and subsequent raise in living standards, every country has witnessed a massive growth in vehicle usage including India. Consequently, leading to numerous challenges in traffic flow and control of vehicles.

Originally Number Plate Recognition (NPR) System was implemented to identify vehicles that violates traffic rules as a part of vehicle surveillance and traffic safety. However, due to the need for control of vehicles, the demand for NPR system is highly elevated with increasing applications in parking facilities of various commercial buildings, IT parks and corporate companies, etc. With today’s advancements in technology, NPR systems have evolved into a much more sophisticated solution that performs a multitude of functions including Around the Clock Parking Security, Simplified Parking Operations, Ticketless Parking Fee Management, Automatic Vehicle Identity Recognition, Minute-to-Minute Monitoring of Parking Area, among many others.

Therefore, implementation of such Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) enhances perimeter protection while giving trouble-free parking experience to users through secure and competent services, thus providing best return on investment via improved charge enforcement to authorities.    

Advantages of Number Plate Recognition:

1.      Easy Deployment

Complex and high-end security gates or manual way of vehicle verification is not feasible in practical situations where hundreds of vehicles have to pass through entry points as well as due to time constraints especially during peak hours. Whereas ANPR systems can be easily installed without occupying much space and still effectively control vehicle access.  

2.      Cost-Effective

Implementing ANPR Technology is one of the most cost-effective solutions available for parking management. Due to automation of operations, there is no need to employ security personnel and it is several folds more productive and smarter than manual functions.  

3.      Minute-to-Minute Monitoring

NPR Camera allows you to keep an eye on your parking facilities all the time without needing to be present on the site. Through the monitoring system, vehicles entering and leaving your premises can be easily tracked for future reference or for any other investigation, as a result greatly amplifies security.

4.      Scalability

Parking facilities sometime can be as large as a stadium, even so NPR based parking solutions can be administered throughout the parking space. In addition, NPR systems are standalone meaning that most of the functions are performed inside NPR camera itself and quick to install at multiple locations. They can also be integrated with security software platforms such as ZKBioSecurity for Intelligent Parking Space Management.   

The numerous benefits of NPR based parking management overcome multiple drawbacks of conventional methods such as automatic gate system which merely identify authorized vehicles but lack in other necessary functions including digital payments, fool-proof security mechanisms, vehicle tracking, etc.

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For more details, please feel free to contact on how to install parking system at your organization or for any other security needs.