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BioServer 2

The BioServer 2 mini-server can be used as a back-end server for facial recognition devices under small scale application. BioServer 2 receives video streams from front-end cameras or captured photo streams, then perform 1: N face comparison, and reports or synchronizes the results to access control, time & attendance or surveillance system for further usage. With strong performance and directional optimization of the server-level facial recognition algorithm, the speed of facial recognition can easily reach 50 faces per second.

The BioServer 2 mini-server is equipped with a tensor processor which provides up to 3.2 TFLOPS dual precision peak computing ability and embedded 16MB of SRAM, while greatly improves the reasoning performance of artificial intelligence, it also reduces the power demand. The processor chip has reached millisecond-grade response in mobile lightweight universal face benchmark model Mobile-net latency test which is only a half or a quarter of industry mainstream chip.


Dimensions (W*D*H) 115*210*45mm
Network interface 1* gigabit ethernet port
Reset button; press and hold the button for 5s to restart the device;
press and hold for 15s to reset all parameters to initial factory values
PWM Supported
Flash 32GB
Average / peak power 50W / 80W
Cooling system Spontaneous cooling
Power DC 12V; AC 100-240V
Storage Local and cloud storage
System Parameters
Operating system Linux
Maximum storage 30,000 facial templates
Recognition speed 50 pictures / second
Video processing capability 16 channels
Video input standard H.264
Cache capacity for facial picture 8GB
Result’s return time for real-time facial capturing 32GB
Result’s return time for real-time facial comparison 50W / 80W
Algorithm Parameters
Maximum number of detected faces per frame 20
Maximum number of recognized faces per frame 8
Pose angle tolerance for face detection ±60° (yaw, pitch, roll)
Pose angle tolerance for facial recognition ±45° (yaw, pitch, roll)
Minimum face size for capturing 30 * 30 pixel
Minimum face size for recognition 70 * 70 pixel
Dynamic facial expression recognition Available
Facial recognition accuracy rate 98.5%
Environmental Requirements
Applicable location Indoor
Storage temperature -40 ~ 70 °C
Working temperature 0 ~ 45 °C
Working humidity
10% ~ 90%


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BioServer Pro 2_Leaflet