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Intelligent Time

Intelligent Time is a Smart Cloud-Driven Business Management System for effective and secured business deals, transactions as well as data management. The system offers innovative functions for running a successful business and helps to connect with your fellow business organizations in the most convenient way.

The intelligent Time cloud platform is powered by AWS cloud technology, The most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. The platform provides complete visibility about your business operations as well as helps to coordinate with other companies effortlessly. Intelligent Time software portal can be accessed from anywhere or anytime via internet-connected devices such as computers or mobile apps by employees or admins.

Furthermore, it is designed with additional options to add multiple companies and vendors as well as to deal with their business requests on a pay-as-you-go basis. The system is maintained by ZK servers and will automatically be upgraded eliminating the need for tedious manual up-gradation and maintenance fees, thereby cost-effective.

Intelligent Time Modules

Create a Company

Create a Company module allows you to create an Intelligent Time account for your company, you can also choose to create multiple company accounts based on your requirements. Multiple companies can join with each other to make business operations easier and effective.

Join a Company

Join a Company module that allows users to add multiple companies as associate companies, for multi-tenant business interaction. This module offers complete visibility about business figures in a more comprehensible way.

Join as Vendor

Join as the Vendor module allows users to add multiple vendors for a multitenant business relationship offering a convenient way to expand business with other vendors and companies.

Intelligent Time Features

Create New Business Opportunities
Simplify Your Business & Administrative Operations
Additional Modules: Time Attendance, Access Control, Pandemic
Make Connection with Other Companies & Expand Business
Complete Visibility about Your Company Entities
Hassle-Free Data Management & Data Transfer
Offers Comprehensible Statistical Figures


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Intelligent Time Cloud Solution

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Intelligent Time Cloud Solution