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CL10 Digital Lock For Cabinets
  • CL10 Digital Lock For Cabinets

CL10 Digital Lock For Cabinets

The ergonomic CL10 is a high-security cabinet lock, applicable to cabinets with sliding doors and push-pull doors. The operation and installation are pretty straightforward. CL10 could be used in both public areas and private places. Clients could easily change the installation location as desired.

For applications in public places such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, health centers, salons, malls, and so on, CL10 is unlocked at rest. The password or card used before closing the cabinet would be the password or card to unlock it. The password or card becomes invalid after opening so that the next user could set his or her own password or card. If the user has forgotten the password, use the Master Password or Card applied to all cabinet locks in the premise to unlock it.
Under this mode, CL10 remains locked at rest. Users need to input a password or swipe a card to open the lock. CL10 will lock itself automatically when the door is closed. Users may add or delete passwords and cards or set the Always Open mode.


Operation Voltage


Card Capacity

2 administrator cards, 200 normal user cards

Password Capacity

1 administrator password, 50 normal user passwords

Password Length

4 to 12 digits

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 50°C

Operating Humidity

0% to 95%RH

Dimensions (mm)

Exterior: 100*67*20 Interior: 96*68*28


CL10- Digital Lock for Cabinets Leaflet

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CL10- Digital Lock for Cabinets Leaflet