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  • Anti-thunder
  • Real-time capture
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FC700 is a half-dome camera with high performance AI algorithm in face capture and face comparison, which outstanding function included face detection and facial feature extraction.FC700’s face recognition algorithm has been highly and fully abstract packaged, combined with special chip computing ability, and recognition and practicability effects of the algorithm has reached the industry leading level. Its excellent function of facial comparison makes facial video surveillance system step to a new level, which can be easily applied to a variety of application scenarios.
FC700 can dock with central control access control, attendance check and gate system. It completes the capturing/ comparing of face pictures, and reports the results of capturing and comparing to the entrance guard and gate system. The entrance guard gate system completes the door, the opening and closing of the gate and the alarm.
Can also report the results of comparison to the attendance system, by attendance system to complete the back- end data storage and analysis summary.

  • Each face quality comprehensive score provides a variety of face capture mode and push graph mode to reduce invalid face.
  • Supports wide voltage and wide temperature operation.
  • Supports continuous transmission of broken network, and supports the detection, alarm, video recording and retrieval of face detection pre - recorded to disappear.
  • Supports low bit rate, low delay, ROI region of interest enhancement coding and SVC adaptive coding technology.
  • Maximum resolution 1920*1080@30fps Support ONVIF, GB28181
  • Supporting 10M/100M adaptive network port
  • Support two level user rights management, support for the first time activation, password limit misalignment lock.
  • Star level ultra low illumination perception
  • Using 1/2.8‘‘progressive scan CMOS
  • Supports three independent bit-stream encoding, including dual 1080P HD stream, and supports 10 simultaneous stream acquisition. Support H.265/H.264 high definition low bit stream coding
  • ICR automatic switching, day and night monitoring, low illumination enhancement
  • Support wide dynamic
  • Support fog penetration function
  • Support video occlusion, dynamic check detection, network disconnec- tion, IP address conflict, MAC conflict detection and so on.
  • Report errors Bilingual contrast
  • Support for face detection and capture
  • Waterproof grade IP67
Technical Specification
  • image sensor

    1/2.8'' 2 million pixel line by line scan CMOS

  • Minimum illuminate


  • Wide dynamic range


  • Focus

    8mm/12 mm

  • Maximum Aperture


  • Aperture Typev


  • Video compression format


  • coding type

    H.265:MP, H.264:HP/MP/LP

  • Maximum resolution


  • Video coding frame rate

    50Hz, 60Hz

  • Front end access protocol

    linkage with BioSecurity for attendance and access control, support off-line version

  • Network protocol


  • Internet Interface

    1 RJ45 100 Megabyte Ethernet ports to support 10M/100M adaptation

  • Power Supply


  • Power


  • Working temperature / humidity

    0℃~ 45℃; 5%~95% RH

  • Lightning protection grade

    6kVLightning protection and surge prevention

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