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Plock 2 is ZKTeco’s second generation of parking locks. Plock 2 keeps all original features of Plock 1 and is equipped with new auto-sensing function. User can easily manage his/her parking space by placing a sensor in a cigarette lighter receptacle. Compared with traditional parking locks, Plock 2 does not need any manual operation, which makes parking experiences more ideal. It is a competent private parking manager.

F1 2-3T high pressure resistance

F2180°anti-collision with built-in alarm system


F4Handsfree control

F5IP67 rated dustproof and waterproof

F6Long distance remote control

F7Low battery prompts

F8Photoelectric sensor


Technical Specification
  • Model

    Plock 2

  • Material


  • Control distance


  • Arm rising time / falling time


  • Altitude after rising


  • Altitude after dropping


  • Operating temperature

    -10°C ~ +55°C

  • Power supply

    Alkaline dry battery (D x 4)

  • Rated Voltage


  • Quiescent current


  • Operating current


  • Size

    460mm x 460mm x 75mm

  • Weight


  • dwnload_1
    Plock 2 Datasheet

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    12-07-2018 Download
  • dwnload_1
    Plock2 User manual

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    12-07-2018 Download

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