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ZKTeco is a globally recognized company that deals in delivering high-tech control access systems and integrated biometric verification applications and services to many prominent businesses and enterprises across India. we are a reliable name for premier quality and state-of-the-art security access control solutions

At ZKTeco India, we offer a wide variety of turnstile gates in India including Full Height Turnstile, Flap Barrier, boom barrier, High-Security Gates, and Handicap Accessible Security Gates. The array in designs enable us to use turnstile gates in various applications where an authentication system is required to prevent unauthorized access to the secure areas with large crowd flow.

As leading turnstile gates suppliers in India, ZKTeco India promises quality & durability to clients based across India. With modern designs and advanced technical solutions for enhanced security access control and identification authorization.

Turnstile gates are designed to provide ideal contactless solution for controlled physical access to areas, buildings, and specific security zones. These turnstile gates are incorporated with smart cards or biometric readers, such as fingerprint or facial recognition systems as well as access management software for smart and secured entry within the premises.

This allows you to monitor, control and audit the visitors, especially at the mass transit sites, including stadiums, shopping malls, large event venues, concerts, amusement parks and the special security areas such as industrial premises, research institutions, government organizations and banks.