Biometric Access Control Systems - ZKTeco India


Access Control Systems play a crucial role in securing Business from unauthorized access or external intrusions and permits only those who are permitted with official authorization. The digital access control systems not only enable the entry or exit of users but also monitor and record respective individuals in real-time, which makes track recoding a lot easier, access Control Systems can be used to limit access to sensitive data rooms, server rooms, critical workplaces, laboratories containing high-end equipment as well as entry doors. Without access control systems, these places will be very difficult to always monitor, leaving the organization exposed to leakage of sensitive data or documents 

Our Biometric Access Control product line is consisting of Stand-Alone Biometric Access Control Systems with Face Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, Finger Vein, RFID Recognition, Palm Recognition. In addition, we have IP-based Access Control PanelsAccess Control Readers and accessories with web application and mobile app for hassle-free access control management. Thus, ZKTeco offers business partners with one-stop access control services.