Contactless Body Temperature & Mask Detection System

Contactless time attendance and access control systems with body temperature recognition have become increasingly popular, especially since the rise of the COVID-19 epidemic and easy spread of contagious diseases and infections. These biometric machines can detect your body temperature without contact which makes them absolutely secure to be used in offices, commercial establishments, schools, hospitals, and areas where you ought to monitor large crowds to control the spread of contagious diseases and infections.

ZKTeco India is one of the leading companies that manufactures and provides high-end biometric with body temperature testing machines to a global client. Each one of our devices are backed with the latest innovative technologies and enhanced systems for accurate measurements and quick detection.

ZKTeco India is a Name for Innovation, Excellence, And Quality

We always strive to deliver best quality solutions backed with superior technology and software platforms to transform through innovation and excellence. Each one of our devices are easy to navigate with data storage facilities and precise measurement systems, we try to acquire highest client satisfaction, and this is achieved by providing state-of-the-art temperature checking devices for everyday usage at market economical pricing.