Smart Door Lock

ZKTeco’s Wireless Smart Door Lock System includes Fingerprint Locks, Electronic Door Locks, Smart Lock for Homes, Password Door Lock, RFID Lock, Bluetooth Lock as well as Face Recognition Door Lock. These locks are compatible with professional ZK hotel management software for hassle free hotel lock administration along with mobile app. The locks are made up of high-quality materials for a long-term usage and stylish designs of the locks perfectly matches your interior.

ZKTeco smart door lock can also be integrated with other smart home devices, making them more convenient than ever. For instance, voice assisted devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. It will also send notifications when someone comes to your home by text message or email. Certain smart door locks can also be controlled via smartphone app. Some of ZKTeco’s Smart Locks are good example for this. They have various functions such as touchscreen keypad and they are also easy to install. If you need to replace the deadbolt lock, these devices are an ideal choice.