6th Roadshow by ZKTeco India in Delhi

Conference took place on 24th August 2018 at Delhi. This event had a unique concept to focus on, as we introduce our new product Plock (Parking-Lock) & the concept of Smart camera with Artificial Intelligence, where it gives a vision to our clients to what extend ZKTeco is willing or planning to expand themselves in an Indian market.

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Further Presentation was carried forward with ZKTeco’s Team, as followed:

Mr. Jiten Mahapatro- Introduced ZKTeco’s Vision & Motive to the attendees, and apart from that he also introduced ZKTeco’s Strongest product line i.e. Security Products like Baggage X-Ray Scanner, Turnstiles, Barriers (Flap & Boom Barrier), POS, Parking Management & Plock (New Product)

Very next, Mr. Boopalan- Explained about the software & modified version of Time Attendance software like Time.Net3.0 (Desktop-Based) as well as Time.Web2.0. (Web-Based), along with that he briefed about the concept of Smart camera with Artificial Intelligence, which will be upcoming project for ZKTeco.

Later, Mr. Ketul Doshi– Presented on BioSecurity3.0 software which has “All in One Solution”, where all the activities can be placed into one solution like Access control, Visitor Management, Video Surveillance & Parking Management. These all concept lies under Biosecurity3.0. software.

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At last but not the least, it became one of a remarkable roadshow, when Mr. Allen & Mr. Henry interacted with clients & make the session more interesting by letting them know about the new opportunities, goals & strategies of ZKTeco’s India. And soon this roadshow came to an end & set a benchmark compare to the rest.

We sincerely thank all to attendees & internal teams for making it more successful & remarkable.