Top 10 Features of Effective Biometric Time Attendance System in 2020

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With numerous technological advancements in recent years in scientific areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Cloud Technology, etc. and together with Integrated Technology Biometric-Based Time Attendance Solutions have evolved into more comprehensible as well as multi-functional platforms that effectively facilitate sophisticated management requirements with ease.

Today, there are wide varieties of Biometric Time Attendance Systems available. So, it’s only natural to get confused to pick the best possibleone from this ‘n’ number of solutions available.

This blog will give you the updated features of the Time Attendance Solutions that are currently in the market and will help you choose the right one that is a perfect fit for your organization.

Important Features of Effective Biometric System

1. Multi-Purpose

Now a days, biometric devices come with multi-functionality including Time Attendance and Access Control requirements. Certain biometric systems can also be integrated into entrance control devices for enhanced security as well as to prevent unauthorized access to your organization. Multi-functionality systems will reduce the number of devices required, therefore cost effective.

2. Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is an essential factor while opting for a biometric system.Based on business architecture and the number of employees; you can choose the appropriate system capacity. However, it is wise to choose larger storage capacity devices, so that in case of business expansion there will be more room for new employees.

3. Safety

Look for a biometric systems which have multiple modes of verification apart from fingerprint, such as palm and facial recognition.ZK Touchless Biometric Technology involving palm and facial identification will significantly reduce the spread of germs from one individual to another eliminating hygiene concerns of users. 

4. Communication

Biometric system should be able to interact with other platforms such as attendance and payroll software via Internet or Wi-Fi. In addition, USB connectivity will enhance manual data transfer to computer or external storage devices incase you want data backup.

5. Precision

Make sure the biometric devices are durable and able to function in harsh environmental conditions specifically for outdoor installations.Advanced fingerprint technology such as and 3D Neuron Fingerprint Algorithm will ensure accurate user identification even with wet, dry or rough fingers as well as with extreme light source.

6. Wide Pose Angle Tolerance

Certain biometric systems often fail to recognition individuals despite multiple attempts; this can be extremely stressful especially at the peak of office hours. Hence, look for devices that accept user-identification at a wide range of angles and distances.

7. Battery Backup

Biometric devices function based on two types of power supply via wired or wireless. Wired devices rely on direct power supply, whereas wireless devices consist of an internal battery. Regardless of the type, it is better to have a secondary battery backup for seamless performance even during power outage.

8. Easy Integration

Ultimately all the biometric attendance data need to be processed for payroll management. Hence, it is crucial to look for devices that can be easily integrated into payroll or time attendance software for effortless payroll calculations.

9. Economical Choice

While there are verity of sophisticated biometric terminals available, look for a cost-effective system that best suits your business requirements. ZKTeco offers wide range of biometric time attendance solutions based on customer needs at affordability.

10. Support & Services:

Ensure that you opt for biometric devices from a reputed biometric solution provider for expert assistance. ZKTeco offers superior customer services when it comes to biometrics with leading tech support engineers for excellent customer satisfaction.

While sorting-out for the right model that suits your organization, make sure to look for the above-mentioned features and select the best possible one. If you still have any apprehension, please feel-free to contact ZKTeco experts at

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