Top 5 Effective Ways to Secure Your Organization

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Implementing powerful security measures play a critical role in running a successful business of any organization. To maintain a robust security environment, it is important that you must fully understand the various physical security solutions available in the market. This blog will provide better insights about physical security measures and will help you to establish best security practices in your workplace.

Every organization needs a way to keep potential threats at bay as well as unwanted guests outside. In addition, most of the organizations need to enforce restrictions in some of the sensitive areas within the organizational premises, hence only the authorized members could enter into the restricted areas. Similarly, to safeguard and monitor various sections of an organization such as equipment, costly devices, resources, manufacturing facility, parking areas, building premises, there are wide range of security solutions available, each with distinctive applications and functions. 

The most prominent security solutions make use of both software and hardware platforms, thereby enhancing the protection offered. In order to achieve a complete protection, security platforms may need to work as whole rather than individually, this type of approach is called as System Integration.

Top Security Solutions to Adopt

1. Entrance Control

Entrance Control Systems are probably the most adopted security solutions across various sectors and it is the first phase of defense when it comes to securing any type of business facility. Entrance control systems are intended to prevent unauthorized members from entering your organizational premises, manufacturing facilities, industrial areas or IT parks. There are several variants of entrance control system available including full-height and mid-height turnstile, tripod, speed gate, swing barrier, etc.

Entrance Control Systems verify members of your organization via RFID Reader or Biometric Devices embedded on them. In case of RFID Readers, staff members or visitors are required to display RFID cards given to them over the readers to get access inside. Whereas, in case of entrance control systems embedded with biometric devices, the authentication is performed by using unique biological attributes of individuals such as fingerprint, face or palm attributes. Entrance Control Systems also include parking barriers to facilitate vehicles entering and leavening your business facilities. 

2. Access Control

Similar to Entrance Control, Access Control Systems also play a critical role in securing organizations from unauthorized access or external intrusions and allows only those who are granted with official authorization especially within the workplace environment. Digital access control systems not only facilitate entry or exit of users but also monitor and record respective individuals in real-time, which makes track recoding a lot easier.

Access Control Systems can be used to restrict access to critical workplaces, server rooms, sensitive data rooms, laboratories containing high-end equipment as well as entry doors. Without access control systems, these places will be extremely difficult to monitor at all times leaving the organization vulnerable to leakage of sensitive data or documents, intrusion, etc. A typical control system may consist of either a standalone biometric access control device along with system software or a combination of set of components including Control Panels, RFID or Biometric Readers and Systems Software working together as one unit.  

3. Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is one of the most predominantly used security solutions regardless of the nature of business environment. Video Surveillance System are also widely being used in homes, public facilities such as airports, streets, parks, stations, etc. There are various types of video surveillance systems available ranging from simple CCTV cameras to sophisticated systems such as IP-based cameras and Smart Video Surveillance.

Smart CCTV camera systems intelligently monitor the surveillance area and automatically detects potential threats and communicates immediately with the video management system. These type of CCTV cameras are highly useful in heavily crowded places where it is extremely difficult to monitor the areas with human eyes due to vast nature of the environment as well as the involvement of multiple entities.    

4. Security Inspection

Security Inspection Systems are extremely important in securing certain critical places where the density of people is much higher such as Hospitals, Airports, Tourist Spots, Hotels, Educational Institutes, Shopping Malls, Museums, Stadiums, etc. There are mainly two types of security inspection systems widely being used namely Metal Detectors and X-Ray Baggage Scanners.

Walk-Through Metal Detectors identify potential threat items in individual’s possession when passed through the system. Whereas, X-Ray Baggage Scanning Systems examine hazardous materials in baggage or parcels. Without the help of security inspection systems, these places will become vulnerable to terrorist attacks or occurrence of illegal activities.

5. ZKBioSecurity

ZKBioSecurity is the ultimate “All in One” web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco and contains multiple integrated professional modules for Access Control, Time Attendance, Elevator Control, Visitor Management, Parking, Video Management System as well as other sub-systems. All sub-systems support both single-unit deployment and flexible deployment combination of multiple modules with effective linkage. The solution provides powerful integration capabilities and user visual data presentation analysis for various industries, truly achieving Intelligent Security Management.


ZKTeco offers complete Biometric and Security Solutions focusing on system integration for effective business management under a single roof. We also offer biometric and security solutions embedded with Mask and Temperature Detection functions for safe and hygienic user-verification. If you would like to know more about our products and solutions, please feel free to contact

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