Why is System Integration Important in Biometric & Security Solutions

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System Integration is becoming mainstream in the current biometric as well as security industry overcoming several shortcomings of conventional siloed systems by granting high-level threat protection with significant improvement in performance. System integration utilizes the full extent of multiple modules and technology being involved in a platform, in which every component is interconnected and communicate with each other which in turn facilitate business operations and enhance the performance.

The concept of system integration is one of the derivatives of and enables each and every process to be monitored and recorded in real-time and accordingly actions can be taken, which is of high importance and beneficial especially for business sectors. 

System Integration & Scalability

Siloed systems or software solutions suffer from multiple shortcomings such as lack of communication among devices, outdated features, individual installation, restrictions in expanding the system to a complex & larger landscape, complexity of handling multiple data and so on. Businesses that adopt conventional systems operate with an inefficient work environment that makes human resource management and other processes highly complex and tedious holding the company back from scaling up and sabotaging long-term growth.   

Complications of Siloed Systems

When the business systems or software platforms are un-integrated several issues raise up such overlapping databases, increased errors, high time consumption to process and analyze data, lack of real-time monitoring, To avoid all these complications, business organizations tend to waste immense money and effort into integrating, maintaining, and acquiring new versions of these solutions.

Nonetheless, business sectors are diverse in nature and have various requirements based on their architecture and in most of the cases all the requirements cannot be fulfilled by a single platform, thereby business organizations are forced to incorporate different solutions from multiple sources which lead to certain complications such as compatibility of devices and software to work together resulting in an increased cost of installation and maintenance. 

For this very reason, ZKTeco focus on developing complete Biometric and Security solutions driven by Technology which fulfil various business requirements of diversified sectors.

Advantages of Integrated Solutions

There are several advantages of adopting integrated solutions over siloed systems such as automation of various processes involved in business management, real-time monitoring, flexibility, cost-effective, time-saving and so on. In a nutshell, companies that use integrated solutions witness higher productivity and more financial growth according to studies.

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