How to Get Maximum Employee Productivity During Lockdown

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The recent ongoing public health issue has a significant impact on the Indian Economy with most of the businesses are not being able to function to the fullest due to the complete lockdown imposed by the government of India as a preventive measure to combat the virus. However, even in this dire situation business organizations have found a way and adopted strategies such as work from home, managing shifts, limited employees, etc to maintain the flow of business functions.

Nonetheless, the productivity of employees during the lockdown is a question mark with no one to monitor their activity especially when they weak up and start working as well as when they logout from work. With absence of appropriate observation system on employee work scheduling, it is highly unlikely that all employees will stick to the timings and work during the stipulated time, which might result in reduced overall productivity of organizations.

Hence, it is necessary to have a robust Time Attendance System for employees in their homes to maintain the work schedule given to them. With ZKTeco’s revolutionary online based time attendance platform, easy TimePro App, employees can provide attendance conveniently from their home itself. Each employee is given with unique login credentials to access the mobile app from their allocated location. Since the attendance platform is linked to GPS system, employee location can easily be tracked and also enables employees to give attendance only from the pre-allocated location such as home or any other specified place. The system will not accept login or logout registry if given out of the stipulated location ensuring that employees stay in the designated area for continued working.

As employee login and logout timings are recorded in easy TimePro software system, organizations can ensure if their employees are providing attendance as per specified office hours, which makes payroll management hassle-free and the salary can be credited based on each employee attendance track record rather than generalized manner. Thereby, business organizations can adopt to easy TimePro system and can still have maximum employee productivity at this global crisis without compromising employee safety.

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