Grand Opening Ceremony of ZKTeco’s Factory in India

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Inauguration of a production facility in India is one of the greatest milestones of ZKTeco in order to deliver excellence and to support the development of local market. With that mission, the Indian-based production facility has been established at Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India and a globally advanced IT and Industrial hub, on 12th November 2021 in the presence of renowned personalities of the organization along with its business partners. 

The production facility is also aimed to support the initiative - Make in India for creating a conducive eco-system for the Biometric and Security Industry as well as to develop a modern and efficient infrastructure-base to open up new opportunities for local production and workforce procurement.  

With the establishment of both production facility and R&D Centre, ZKTeco India is stepping towards the next phase of growth-oriented development and has positioned itself as a distinctive and pioneering enterprise in the Indian market landscape for developing innovative and effective Biometric and Security Solutions at affordable price without compromising the quality of products and services. 

This also enhances the enterprise capabilities to build and provide multitude of applications and customization as per customer requirements. Therefore, creating a competitive advantage among the solution providers. 

Moreover, the event also served as a platform to represent our futuristic solutions and upcoming software models such as ZKTeco POMS - Real-time Parking Operation and Monitoring -Maintenance System to our business partners. 

In a nutshell, the memorable occasion marked a new chapter in ZKTeco’s history and paved the way to an array of new possibilities.  

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