ZKTeco Inaugurated Global R & D Centre at Bangalore, India 2019

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ZKTeco Co Ltd, a pioneer and globally leading Biometric and Security solution provider, announced the Indian-based Global R&D Centre at Bangalore on 20th Sept 2019 in the presence of the hon'ble guest, Mr John Che (Chairman of ZKTeco) along with the other eminent personalities of the enterprise.  

ZKTeco always believes in delivering excellence, with that motto the new R&D Centre has been launched at Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India and a predominant IT Hub of the nation, in order to develop innovative and effective biometric and security solutions at an affordable price without compromising the quality of the products and services.  

In this digital era everything goes around software which provides communication through network and operability of various devices. For this very reason ZKTeco India R&D is focused on developing integrated security solutions that involve incorporation of software as well as biometric solutions into hardware to form a single security system providing a multitude of applications and customization based on customer requirements.

Furthermore, It evolves a huge scope for innovative solutions to future security by delivering the best applications with the help of highly skilled engineers and professional technical support. In this way, ZKteco is moving towards the next stage of growth-oriented development. This R&D Centre is located at Mahadevpura surrounded by major corporates and affluent tech & IT Giants along with numerous ultra-modern buildings & tech parks.

On this memorable occasion, Mr John Che – Chairman of ZK Group said, “ZKTeco India Global R&D centre extends the best service for the clients to support their requirements and showcases our commitment towards the futuristic technological solutions”.

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