ZKTeco Online Training Program 2021

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ZKTeco India has been conducting Online Training Programs for the past few years on various Biometric & Security Solutions and continued to do so in 2021 as well to create technical as well as practical awareness among its customers, clients, and partners by Renowned Technical Experts.

The webinar program also offer certification for the participants upon successful completion of online tests and the questions are allocated from the webinars conducted over a time period. Once a participant fulfils the assessment criteria, the participant will be awarded a certificate for the skills and knowledge he/she acquired during the training program.

Furthermore, we have taken considerable efforts to improve our participants’ learning experience. The participants are allowed to ask their queries during the webinar session to be more interactive rather than one-sided conversation. 

In addition, the feedback forms given at the end of each session allowed them to express their opinions about our programs helping us to enhance the quality of our sessions.  This report covers our major training sessions that have been conducted so far and provides better insights abouts our products and solutions. 

ZKTeco offers three types of training programs:

1.Product Technical Training Program

2.Genral Product and Sales Training Program

3.After-Sales Service and Common Problem-Solving Training

To participate in ZKTeco Online Training Program, it is necessary to register our webinar session to receive notification from us via our social media platforms or emailers.  Attending webinar session only requires connection to the internet and a normal web browser or mobile. By clicking the web link on the webinar notification email, attendees will be connected to the webinar platform to join the webinar training.

Training Topics

 The following are the major training topics given by ZKTeco experts but not limited to

Entrance Control & Parking Management Solution

Smart Building Solution

Access Control with People Counting Solution

Intelligent Software Solution

Security Inspection Solution Briefing

ZKTeco Complete Product Line with Software

Multi-Door Access Control & Elevator Control Solution

Linux Based Time Attendance & Access Control

ZKBioSecurity Software & Modules Introduction

ZKTeco New Products Introduction

easy TimePro Software & Modules Briefing

Smart Lock Solution

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