Security Roadshow at Vijayawada, 2018

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On 6th July 2018, we organized a Roadshow in Vijaywada.

We started by briefing the agenda of the day to all our attendees, and gave live demo on our software ZKTIME.NET 3.1, ZKTIME WEB 2.0, BIOSECURITY SOFTWARE 3.0, and Entrance control products one after the other. In between, we conducted lucky draw by attendee’s business card and presented the Gift Prize, where the event was very interesting and continuation of the same we had very good questions answers session, which was useful for the other client and for us as well. In additions to product & service on stage, we saw a dramatic increase in the quality of the attendees, the conversations and, most importantly, the relationships we developed between events.

We worked closely with our own executives to move beyond sales presentations to share innovative thinking of their own. This year, based on our ongoing conversations with our strategic customers, we have expanded the dialogue to include our plans about STQC & our upcoming security product like parking management, bollards, Barriers, Turnstiles POS, Baggage X-ray etc.

Clients shown a keen interest for our devices as they were very interactive throughout the session. The event was a huge success as the ZK brand continues to grow, as does our network of various security dealers.

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