easy WDMS
easy WDMS

easy WDMS

easy WDMS, an upgraded version of the Web-Based Data Management System, is an advanced browser and server application designed to communicate with ZKTeco PUSH SDK devices for effective employee time and attendance management.
The user-friendly interface of the application provides access to manage several devices and various employee details & functions with just a few simple clicks. Furthermore, it is designed with various built-in functions such as real-time device status monitoring, time log monitoring, and so on.


1. Multi companies option.
2. New Login UI
3. Supports WAN device management and Data Sync
4. The new UI along with robust features brings a whole new experience to the users
5. Can be implemented on different servers and databases
6. Supports device zoning function and automatically syncs the data in the save zone;
7. simplifies the device management operation
8. Supports thin clients with minimum resource consumption
9. Supports License Control and Networking Update
10. Supports multiple languages and Customization
11. Executes various types of attendance & administration requirements

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