Biometric Temperature Screening Technology

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The recent ongoing public health issue has raised many safety concerns among people as well as business organizations and commercial shops. People are afraid to move around in places such as commercial buildings, supermarkets, stations, restaurants, etc. Even though these places have adopted methods such as IR thermometer scanning or thermal imaging cameras for temperature measurement of visitors, they still suffer from major limitations including ill-suited measurement distance, inaccuracy of the temperature detected, requirement of workforce for continuous monitoring, etc.


ZKTeco has been closely observing the issue and has taken considerable efforts in providing solutions that would address the safety and hygienic concerns associated with the outbreak. We offer solutions that provide pleasant user experience with much accurate and fast temperature measurements together with biometric authentication and masked face detection.

Advanced Infrared Temperature Detection

ZKTeco develops cutting-edge technologies with infrared temperature detection as well as masked facial recognition in biometric and security solutions helping various industries perform fast and accurate temperature screenings during identity recognition at the entrance. The advanced ZK systems automatically recognize users at a safer distance and accurately measure the body temperature without any physical contact. If the temperature detected is over the pre-set value, an alarm will be triggered, and notice will be delivered to the guards. Thereby reducing the possibilities of acquiring germs in public places minimizing the spread of infectious diseases.  


Mechanism of ZK Access Terminals

Smart visible light facial recognition with deep learning technology allows automatic facial identification the moment visitors are spotted. ZK infrared temperature detection is like non-contact thermometers using infrared rays, which can be focused at a spot on a surface from a distance, reflected, or absorbed.  All matters, including the human body, emits energy in the form of heat; the higher the temperature of the body or any substance, the faster the molecules move, the more radiation IR thermometers can detect and measure. In general, a fevered person might emit more IR energy when compared to normal person.


If there is a temperature difference between objects, including the surroundings, the IR difference will also be measured and calculated. If an object’s temperature is the same as the surrounding environment, the net energy exchange will be zero. ZKTeco’s Access Control with temperature sensors make use of this IR energy difference in temperature to produce a value for the targeted object and display the results for the system operator to monitor and record with extremely high precision.


Unique Attributes of ZK Temperature Sensors

While most of the infrared thermometers in the market only provides 1 focus spot on a surface for temperature measurement, ZK multi-point temperature sensors can measure temperature at various spots giving a maximum of 1024 (32 x 32) points to measure. Upon detecting various temperature points, the system will select and display the highest temperature value measured among the results enhancing the precision and accuracy. In addition, all these processes are performed without any physical contact offering hygienic user-verification and minimizes product contamination.


ZK advanced facial algorithm supports a much wider tolerance angle of 30-degree compared to other systems with only 15-degree angle tolerance, also offers extended recognition distance up to 30 -50 cm significantly enhancing the safety of users and ideal for remote monitoring.

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