Is Workspace Safety & Security Need of the Hour?

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Maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment is vital for keeping employees productive and healthy. Integrated Entrance Control Management and Access Control Systems play a key role in achieving this. Considering resurgence of the outbreak, Physical Security Solutions and Biometric Access Control Systems combining People Screening Technology have become an essential part of preventing infectious disease circulations inside office premises and public facilities along with other preventive measures and hygienic practices.


The cutting-edge developments in Biometric Technology have brought about enormous opportunities in enforcing public security and safety through innovative functions, notably User Mask Detection and Body Temperature Measurement and Implementation of these functions in Entrance Control Management for monitoring of users whether they are wearing masks or not and if their body temperature is normal or abnormal before entering into the premises.


These advanced Access Control and Entrance Control Solutions are not only capable of detecting individuals with masks but also able to restrict access in the absence of protective mask or when abnormal temperature is detected, thereby enhancing the protection against unauthorized access while establishing hygienic working environment.


There has been a higher adoption of biometric integration in security platforms for heightened protection and reliability in recent times. Wide range of biometric variations, especially non-contact identification methods including Facial Recognition and Palm Recognition are expected to have a higher impact on Integrated Security Solutions in upcoming years along with other biometric identification techniques.


With several advantages of Biometric enabled security platforms, biometric technologies will be introduced almost everywhere in future, notably touch-free methods such as facial recognition and palm verification-based systems have better acceptance rate due to its convenience to implement in multiple forums as well as in terms of recognition speed and precision. Furthermore, facial recognition offers high precision with powerful anti-spoofing capabilities as most of the facial recognition systems are governed by deep learning technology.  

In the new world of reduced physical contact, Integrated Biometric Security Solutions can pave the way to a better, safer and secure future!

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