People Screening Solution for the New Normal

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Safety for individuals is a growing concern especially amid the resurgence of outbreak in working environment as well as in public facilities and adjusting to the current changes can be quite challenging. Ever since the outbreak appeared we have gone through an unprecedented shift in the way we perform our daily activities.

Even though societies started up again governed by the necessity to avoid further deterioration of the world economy, still people need to abide by the safety regulations and preventive measures, particularly in workplaces. With continuing advancements in Biometric Technology, it is possible to enforce safe user verifications through Touchless Identity Authentication integrated with People Screening Solutions. These unified technologies result in a fast, scalable, and easy workflow while ensuring Social Distancing, People Counting and Mitigated Risk of Airborne Transmission.

Most of the countries managed to control the spread early on with the help of vaccination drives and several preventive measures. However, it has become apparent that a “New Phase” of the outbreak has emerged and with that more complexities are beginning to raise up for business continuity.

Nonetheless, adopting touch-free methods including Facial Recognition and Contactless Palm Verification mediated systems along with reliable screening procedures such as Body Temperature Measurement and Facial Mask Detection will not only protect the individual but also the surrounding environment.


Considering the new challenges, below are some insights on how to be safe while maximizing productivity and business continuity in the New Normal:


  • Adopt Touchless User Verification methods for your staff members at your office or enterprise.

  • Use powerful screening solutions that can perform both Mask Identification and Body Temperature Measurement. So that users are no longer needed to remove their mask to verify their identity.

  • For instance, ZKTeco’s Smart Visible Light Terminals consist of Masked Facial Recognition and Body Temperature Screening Technology. 

  • Insist employees to wear mask and sanitize their hands frequently. If possible, advise them to use hand gloves.

  • Implement People Counting System with Social Distancing at facilities where crowd formation occurs such as in Malls, Theatres, Museums, Banks, Restaurants, Conference Rooms, Fitness Centers, etc.

  • At public facilities implement the use of reliable people screening methods.

  • Educate your staff members to avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

  • Perform regular disinfection of workplace premises including desks, chairs, door handles, etc.


If you need any assistance on how to implement Touchless Biometric Security Solutions at your premises, please feel free to contact, or visit our Body Temperature & Mask Detection product segment for more information.  

Also, check out the software solutions, Intelligent Time, easy TimePro and ZKBioSecurity with Mask and Temperature Detection Module for enhanced security. 


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