Business Meet at Kolkata, 2023

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ZKTeco India has conducted its first event of the year 2023 in the capital city of West Bengal – Kolkata on 24th January after its numerous successful events in the past. It is also one of the fastest growing megacities of the country in adoption of cutting-edge technologies towards the Safe City mission.  


Being a leading manufacturer of Smart Identity & Electronic Security Solutions, ZKTeco considers establishing a safe city atmosphere is the prime importance for all the urban regions for continued sustainability, thus keeps emphasising its significance through state-of-the-art solutions as resonated in the event while setting up industry standard benchmarks for high-end technologies such as AIoT and Cloud in the security segment.

As a highlight of the business meet, the enterprise has introduced its newly launched and the most powerful web-based security platform yet, the ZKBio CVSecurity driven by Hybrid Biometrics and Computer Vision Technology in addition to its next-generation solutions focusing on timely and effective responsiveness to various security threats and real-time situational awareness to the audience. 

Thus, employing robust and intelligent security measures for improving safety and establishing a secure eco-system for the citizens, public facilities as well as several other components of the urban development.

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