Business Meet at Guwahati, 2023

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ZKTeco India is expanding its footprint rapidly across the nation including the Northeast parts of the country. As a testimony to this, it has conducted an event on 21st February, 2023 in Guwahati while emphasising on various technological and industrial trends and their impact on urban progressiveness as Guwahati being the largest metropolis in north-eastern India and amongst the top twenty cities to be selected under the smart cities mission.

One of the major objectives of the mission is establishing a safe and sustainable urban eco-system. With numerous advances in Smart Security Systems alongside strong authentication and identity management solutions, achieving this goal is right around the corner. Leveraging end-to-end security while lining up with the growing city needs can create a secure eco-system for the citizens, public infrastructure, and various entities of urban structure.

Thus, the event served as a right forum addressing these aspects to the audience through innovative solutions such as ZKBio CVSecurity and Armatura One focusing on a holistic approach for various security threats with intelligent analytical capabilities for effective early warning and prompt response to cope up with the unexpected challenges and variety of scenarios especially in a city environment with ever-evolving threat landscape.

Finally, the event was concluded with the imperativeness of both physical security and cybersecurity and their essential part in the vision of futuristic society that awaits us.

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