Business Meet at Lucknow, 2023

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In the series of events focusing on Smart Security for urban provinces, ZKTeco India has gazed its eyes upon Lucknow for this time as it is one of the most populous metropolitan agglomerations of the country. The event took place on 16th March, 2023 with the motto of anchoring the importance of achieving not only urban progressiveness but also a safe city environment through technological advancements while coping up with the ever evolving threat landscape.

With the latest innovations in Electronic Security, ZKTeco redefines the shape of Biometric and Security Industries with an array of cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, etc., and by applying them in its solutions, accomplishing end-to-end security is within reach than ever.

While reflecting on these attributes, the gathering also highlighted ZKTeco’s futuristic approaches, latest product arrivals, high-end solutions including Armatura One, ZKBio CVSecurity, IoT-Home Automation, etc., in efforts of creating a niche for policy makers, industrialists as well as consumers towards attaining ease of living and public safety which are essential pillars of stable social developments.

Accentuating this, ZKTeco is fully dedicated to go beyond the possibilities in order to explore new ideologies for fulfilling this vision through system progressiveness and technology integration and the event represented a glimpse towards this expedition.     

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