Business Meet at Vizag, 2023

Release Time:2023-04-25   Views:1272

ZKTeco India has no limits when it comes to bridging the gap between technological trends and industrials needs through brainstorming events and one of such occasions held at Visakhapatnam on 22nd April, 2023. Apart from being the port city and industrial hub, it is also one of the four metropolitan provinces of Andhra Pradesh under the Smart Cities Mission.

Pertaining to the Smart Cities, establishing safety and security in every aspect of the urban space is pivotal in addition to the technological amenities and as the leading manufacturer of Biometric Products and Electronic Security Systems of the country, ZKTeco India, do emphasise its importance on several instances via innovative approaches and this event was no exception.

As a highlight of the show, a new arrival - ZKDIGIMAX was introduced to the audience alongside its ground-breaking solution for driving the Retail Business through transforming the way commercials are conveyed to the consumers via unique combination of Smart Digital Signage System and Cloud Technology for the first time in India marking yet another milestone in the organization’s expedition.

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