Biometric Security Seminar at Kolhapur, 2023

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In addition to our series of Roadshows/Conferences 2023, we have successfully conducted our first regional Biometric Security Seminar of the year at Kolhapur on 03rd May 2023.

The event was aimed at providing an in-depth understanding of advanced technologies in Biometrics and Electronic Security segments and their applications in various industries in today's digital landscape while particularising emerging trends and the integration of biometrics with other security systems in cognizance with ZKTeco’s products and solutions set the tone for an engaging and insightful seminar attracting business personnel, technical professionals, and enthusiasts from in and around the city.

The event also fostered networking opportunities, allowing professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and establish potential collaborations as well as provided valuable insights into the world of biometric security, its potential applications, and the challenges that need to be addressed. The attendees were impressed by the range of products on display and the demonstrations of the products in action. Many of them expressed their interest in working with ZKTeco India to implement the solutions in their organizations. And they left the seminar equipped with a deeper understanding of biometrics and its role in strengthening security measures in various industries.

Therefore, ZKTeco India further plans to organize such events in other cities across the nation in the coming months.

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