Business Meet at Bangalore, 2022

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ZKTeco India has conducted yet another phenomenal event in the IT capital of India – Bangalore on 18th November 2022. Being home to a wide range of industries and some of the world’s leading techno giants, the hi-tech city is also the top 10 fastest growing metropolitan province in the world in numerous aspects including Public Infrastructure Development, Information Technology, Multidisciplinary Research & Development, etc., emphasising the need for implementation of high-end security for sustainable urbanization.

It is also one of the major destinations for the “Smart Cities Mission” driving various state-of-the-art technologies including IoT, 5G, Cloud Computing to name a few. The business meet perfectly reflected these attributes being a leading enterprise in the fields of Smart Security and Identity Management as well as software solutions provider dealing with the aforementioned technologies, the audience established a keen interest in the new-business possibilities and the availability of solutions for that matter.

The event also envisioned the future of Smart Identity and Intelligent Security Management and their vital roles in systematic urbanization in rapidly growing cities such as Bangalore through technology integration, thereby leveraging science and engineering capabilities to the fullest for a better and advanced civilization. 

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