Business Meet at Hyderabad, 2022

Release Time:2023-03-23   Views:502

Technical seminars and business meetings can be instrumental in bridging the gap between technological trends and industrials needs, emphasising the significance of this knowledge transference, ZKTeco India always hosts such events.

In view of this, the organization has conducted an event at Hyderabad, being one of the most prominent techno-savvy metropolitan provinces of India housing numerous industries, on 28th October 2022. The city has now grown well beyond the confines in terms of technological advancements brought up by initiatives such as ‘Hi-Fi’ focusing on enhancing security, infrastructure development and so on, via implementation of sophisticated systems such as IoT, Cloud Computing, etc.  

The event reflected these perspectives especially with respect to redefining safety and security attributes extending from enterprise to societal level by leveraging cutting-edge Biometric Technology and Smart Security Management while enlightening their applications as well as significance in order to achieve progressive urbanization to the audience from various industrial segments thus creating a positive impact among the representatives in order to move forward towards a safe and sustainable future.   

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