ZKTeco Online Conferences 2021

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With a great success of ZKTeco Online Conferences 2020, we have continued to organize online events for this year as well. While most of the business activities are still hampered by the ongoing global pandemic, ZKTeco Online Conferences served as a perfect platform to keep close interaction with the clients.  

The Online Conferences focused on the latest technological developments in the Biometric Industry and their applications in providing powerful Security Solution for tackling present-day situations and security threats. 

In addition, we virtually showcased our newly launched products and software solutions including Mars Series, SBT2000S, SBTL7000 Series in Entrance Control segment, EFace10 in Visible Light Time Attendance & Access Control Segment, BLADE6040 X-Ray Baggage Scanner and ZK-D2180 & ZK-D1065 Walk Through Metal Detectors in Security Inspection Segment, BG1000 and CMP200 Parking Barriers, ML300 & TL300B/TL300Z in Smart Lock segment as well as Mask & Temperature Detection Devices, etc.

Furthermore, our recently launched HRMS Software – Intelligent Time gained interest among the participants. The other software solutions we presented include ZKBioSecurity – All in One Security Solution and easy TimePro. In addition, we also given insights about New Business Ideas and Integrated Biometric & Security Solutions to the participants creating a whole new learning experience.     

Agenda of the Event:

1.     Recent Technological Developments in Biometrics

2.     Company Introduction and Solution Videos

3.     ZKTeco New Products Introduction with Solutions

4.     Intelligent Software with Mobile Application

5.     ZKBioSecurity with Modules Briefing

6.     easy TimePro Web-Based Time Attendance Software

7.     New Business Ideas

8.     Interactive Session with Attendees

      In these events, the attendees were given a unique opportunity to win gift vouchers via Lucky Draw Contests to enhance their experience even further and the contests were performed using a Lucky Draw Software through random selection of attendees after each keynote presentation

Conference Regions

The events are being conducted in the major cities of India covering both northern as well as southern regions of the country with more than 300 participants attending for each conference. So far, we have covered the following metropolises and states for 2021:

Bangalore (13th Feb 2021)

Gujarat & Rajasthan (26th Mar 2021)

Maharashtra (23rd Apr 2021)

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana (23rd Jul 2021)

and planning to conduct in many other regions in the upcoming days.

In these events, our leading experts spoke about the ongoing Covid-19 and its effects on Biometric and Security Industry as well as the necessary safety and preventive measures that need to be taken for business continuity with powerful people screening solutions and they also explained the availability of such solutions with ZKTeco under Mask & Temperature Detection product segment.

Furthermore, we have received a good number of positive responses from the conference attendees about various sessions being conducted throughout the events.

Gift Hampers & Vouchers:

Similar to the past year events, In ZKTeco Online Conferences 2021, The participants were given a unique opportunity to win Gift Vouchers via Lucky Draw Contest to enhance their experience even further.

Sales Packages:

To benefit the attendees, we presented multiple sales packages such as Gold, Platinum and Diamond Packages with attractive discounts and offers comprising of various product lines including:

1.      Mask & Temperature Detection Devices

2.      Biometric Time Attendance Terminals  

3.      Standalone Access Control Products

4.      Security Inspection Devices

5.      Smart Entrance Control Products

6.      Parking Barriers, etc. 

And we have gifted latest Smart Phones to the Highest Package Purchase winners as a Grand Prize in these events. The Online Conferences 2021 once again proved that, regardless of the hurdles that hindered our normal way of living and communication, ZKTeco will find a way to connect with people for creating awareness about Biometric and Security Industry and strive to provide solutions that deal with present-day situations for advancing the society towards safer and much better civilization. 

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